Yoga on the Gorge

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Join Kimie Mittman, Loretta Turner, and Siobhan Wright on an adventurous yet grounding, all inclusive yoga, rafting, and hiking retreat in beautiful Southern West Virginia. Spend 4 days and 3 nights reconnecting to nature, each other and the self! Located on the very rim of the New River Gorge, this hidden small gem of a town is truly one of the most magical places in the world. Start each day with an invigorating morning practice overlooking the New River Gorge, followed by an adventure of the day that will include hiking the Endless Walls Trail, yoga classes in the blaze of the summer sun, cliff-jumping and a rafting trip led by professional guides. Wind down each evening with a restorative/yin yoga class followed by a different night time activity by the campfire, bonding with fellow yogis. All three meals are included each day, whether you prefer to simply get your grub on after a day of adventuring or spread a napkin across your lap and dine in style! Live music will be offered on the resort and there are three full bars within walking distance of the cabins and camping. Come join us and experience yoga in the ultimate setting with fellow yogis!


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Dates: August 15-18, 2019

Location: Adventures on the Gorge,

[ Testimonials ]

The yoga on the Gorge trip was a fun and wonderful experience. From the moment we arrived there everything was well coordinated from our meals to the activities planned. Each day, we got to do a different activity: hiking, white water rafting, yoga, bonfire, swimming etc.…. White water rafter was my favorite. It was an amazing time with amazing people I can't wait to for the next Yoga On The Gorge trip in 2017.  - Hans Seignon, 2016 & 2017 retreater

The PFY Yoga on the Gorge Retreat was hands down one of the highlights of my summer. The retreat was the perfect combination of serenity, thrills, relaxation and adventure. The Adventures on the Gorge resort was breathtakingly beautiful and proved to be the perfect outdoor yoga studio. Loretta, Kimie, and Siobhan not only led amazing yoga classes but also designed a once and a lifetime experience with this retreat.  This retreat is a must for anyone looking for a combination of yoga, nature, and adventure!  - Meghan Gorczynski, 2016 retreater

Last year’s retreat was one of the best experiences that I have ever had. Everything was very well taken care of, from the location to the yoga classes to the food. I enjoyed every single moment and I had a wonderful time hiking and exploring new places. The white water rafting was my favorite part of the whole fun… oh my god I loved the adventure, the laughter and the great excitement that we all had! - Sofy Foda, 2016 retreater

Package #1, $786 Camping: These social tenting campground gives individuals the space for a scenic and adventurous West Virginia vacation, while connecting with nature. There will be access to public showers and restrooms. BYOT (bring your own tent). 

Package #2, $890 Sportsman Sleeper Sofa: The Sportsman Cabin is equipped with all your basic needs. This rustic cabin accommodates 8 people; very similar to a summer sleep away camp! The full beds are located on the top floor amongst 6 other beds, and have access to the amenities on the first floor.

Package #3, $920 Sportsman Twin: The Sportsman Cabin is equipped with all your basic needs. This rustic cabin accommodates 8 people; very similar to a summer sleep away camp! The full beds are located on the top floor amongst 6 other beds, and have access to the amenities on the first floor.

Package #4, $950 Sportsman Full: The Sportsman Cabin is equipped with all your basic needs. This rustic cabin accommodates 8 people; very similar to a summer sleep away camp! The full beds are located on the top floor amongst 6 other beds, and have access to the amenities on the first floor.

Package #5, $922pp-$1350pp: Private cabins that accommodate 1-4 people with kitchens, laundry services and hot tubs are available, too. Fill out the contact form below for more information.

Each package includes 3 daily meals, 2 daily yoga classes, a guided hike, a guided Class VI rapids trip, camp fire/evening events and ground transportation to and from the resort.


Check out the lodging: CampingSportsman Cabins

***Payment Plans Available***

Deposit: $300. $80 of the deposit is nonrefundable. All payments are due by July 15th, 2019. Deposits are nonrefundable after July 15th, 2019. 

After completing the registration form, you will be directed to Paypal. You must have your own Paypal account to submit payment through Paypal. Login in your account, and then find us by choosing "Send money to friends and family" and searching Please leave your name, email and phone number in the note section. If you prefer to pay via cash or check, shoot us an email at See you on the mat... on the river!!!

Feel free to drop by Powerflow Yoga (PFY) for any of Kimie, Siobhan, or Marina's classes to get more details! Upcoming classes with Q&A:

Friday March 1st: PFY Morristown (2:00pm) // PFY Jersey City (4:30pm) // PFY Clifton (6:30pm)

Monday April 1st: PFY Livingston (8:00am)

Friday April 5th: PFY Chatham (9:30am)

Friday May 3rd: PFY Morristown (2:00pm) // PFY Jersey City (4:30pm) // PFY Clifton (6:30pm)

Monday June 3rd: PFY Livingston (8:00am)

Friday June 7th: PFY Chatham (9:30am)

Friday July 5, 12, & 19: Summer Nights Yoga at PFY Clifton (8:00pm)

About Us


Loretta Turner has always had a relationship with the outdoors. She grew up as an archer in Northwestern, NJ, and spent many of her childhood weekends fishing and hunting with her dad. She spent much of her time exploring the woods; following streams and collecting creatures in the woodlands of White Meadow Lake, New Jersey. Loretta’s first yoga experience was outdoors in the mountains of Mahwah, NJ. She believes there is really something special about practicing outside. When she received her yoga certification in April 2011, she offered free yoga sessions overlooking the pond at her college. Loretta has led many yoga hikes, in which she guides students through a 2-3 hour adventure through nature while exploring asana and breath work along the way. Loretta will tell you some exciting stories about her outdoor yoga adventures… including one about how her class was disrupted and ended abruptly by adorable bear cubs (and their not so adorable mom!). She has recently relocated to San Diego, CA but will be back on the east coast each summer for Yoga on the Gorge. She wouldn't miss it!

From a young age, Kimie Mittman developed a passion for playing and exploring in nature.  She grew up going to sleepaway camp each summer in the Catskills on Maston Lake and loved the idea of living in rustic cabins disconnected from phones, tv, or other “distractions.”  Instead, her summers were filled with adventures on the lake, campfires, and strong connections to her fellow bunkmates.  Kimie’s passion for this deeper connection to nature and others continued when she went to college in West Virginia and began her yoga practice.  She found a strong connection between the physical practice and seeking adventure and truly living in the moment off the mat!  She fell in love with the rolling hills of West Virginia and cannot wait to share all of the beauty and adventure of the New River Gorge with her PFY yoga community!

Siobhan Wright began her relationship with nature at a young age, camping with her family, rafting the Delaware River, adventuring in the woods with her friends and spending endless days floating on the ocean waves in her hometown, Long Branch, NJ. She understood early the importance of her time outside with the natural world and as she grew, her relationship with the outdoors grew as well. In 2009 Siobhan began rock climbing, soon realizing that combined with hot yoga, the mind, body and breath were forming a unique connection, helping her to achieve new limits each day. Siobhan’s love of yoga only grew and soon she found herself receiving her 200 hour teaching certification. Throughout the summer you can find Siobhan teaching yoga in the gardens at Liberty Hall Museum, hiking the Appalachian Trail, and digging her toes into the sand with some yoga on the beach. Join Siobhan for Yoga on the Gorge this summer and she’ll share more of her stories about hiking around the country, most recently hiking in Belize and her favorite story about coming face to face with a rattlesnake!


How are we getting there?: Transportation will be provided via caravan, pricing included in each package. Retreaters who drive themselves and other retreaters will have their gas expenses reimbursed. You can catch a ride and carpool if you don’t want to drive! We will leave as a group from the PFY Clifton location.

What can I do about my dietary restrictions?: The resort can accommodate all dietary restrictions with notice. We also suggest you bring any necessary snacks to meet your dietary needs.

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