Yoga for Beginners at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

Yoga for Beginners at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

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[ Testimonials ]

Loretta Turner is probably the best yoga instructor I have had in my ten years of taking yoga classes. Just watching her is a joy: She is a study in grace and fluid movement. It is, however,  as a teacher that Loretta really shines: She breaks down the moves so everyone can follow and gives alternative postures or ways to achieve poses so that even those with injuries can benefit from the class.

- Mary C. Starke, PhD, Professor of Clinical Psychology

When asked to define what Yoga meant to them, the School Based Youth Services Program summer participants all looked around hoping for someone to provide them with an answer. Many of our students enrolled in the six week program were either new to the United States, or unable to speak or understand the English language. Not one student in the group had ever practiced Yoga.  During the first session, Loretta was immediately able to form a professional connection with the students. Although she was not able to completely communicate with some of the students, Loretta utilized her skills and passion for Yoga to connect on a non-verbal level. Also, despite the fact that the students were apprehensive to trying Yoga, Loretta was able to teach the students how to connect with their center and they enjoyed the process. As the weeks continued, the students showed an excitement for working with Loretta, and an eagerness to try new, challenging poses. She patiently took the time to connect with each student individually, as well as, connecting with the group as a whole; consistently praising the students for their hard work and efforts. Loretta encouraged, reassured, comforted, and challenged all of our students. Loretta’s expertise and professionalism has had a positive impact on the spirits of the students and they have embraced Yoga practices with an open mind and heart. 

- Edna Angelos, Prevention Specialist

Loretta is everything you want in a yoga teacher. She inspires and encourages students at all levels and she genuinely cares for everyone. On top of all this she is an amazing yoga teacher that pushes all of us yogis to be their best they can be.

- Sue Pinera, Director of Sustainability and Environmental Programs

I thoroughly enjoy Loretta's classes - her restorative and flow classes have done wonders for my aching back and sore hamstrings...that was my original reason for taking up yoga.  But I got so much more out of it.  I loved Loretta's inspirational messages that started each class - messages that I applied to my life off the mat.  Her musical selections for class are outstanding.  Her classes are inspiring, creative, fun and relaxing.  Her teaching and ability to connect with her students are second to none."

- Jodi Cirignano